Philipp Lahm suggests limiting salaries of DFB national coaches

Maximum for national coaches In the view of former national player Philipp Lahm, the German (Site notre blog d’information) Association should in future take fewer financial risks when filling the position of national coach. “There is probably nothing that can be done about the economic dynamics of clubs competing for the best players and coaches. … Read more

beautiful posters for Périgord

The 4th Round of the Coupe de France marks a milestone. First outcome for some, with the symbols of attention of the famous jerseys, the brand also at the entrance of the National 2 clubs. This is the case of Bergerac Périgord FC, accustomed to long… The 4th Round of the Coupe de France marks … Read more

PSG: Nuno Mendes, the fear of Riolo – Football

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Bara: Kessi, let’s go to the Premier League? – Soccer

10:09 p.m.–Bara: Kessi, let’s go to the Premier League? 9:53 p.m.–LdC: OM, Pana take a good option 9:44 p.m.–PSG: Mbappé, Real has still not moved 9:27 p.m.–Manchester United: West Ham on Maguire and McTominay 9:11 p.m.–Lorient: Tosin, it’s closed (official) 9:08 p.m.–Leipzig: Srloth leaves Villarreal (official) 9:02 p.m.–Atalanta: Boga sold Nice (official) 8:43 p.m.–Nice: negotiations … Read more