The office of the Sainte-Christie-Preignan football club has its own definition, the mission definitions

the essential The Sainte-Christie-Preignan (Site notre bureau spécialisé) club has a general meeting held and re-elected its office. Maxime Rey, president of the Sainte-Christie-Preignan (Site notre blog d’information) Club (SCP), was invited to join the club’s general meeting at the Sainte-Christie village hall. in the presence of Lydie Toison, departmental advisor, Jérôme Lasserre, manager of … Read more

Roma: De Rossi wants Hummels back – Football

09:27–Roma: De Rossi wants Hummels back 08:54–EURO: Austria-France, the probable line-ups 08:46–EURO: Belgium-Slovakia, the probable lineups 08:37–EURO: Romania-Ukraine, the probable lineups 08:03–Serbia: the bench, Tadic did not like… 06:47–EdF: how to bet against Austria? 00:14–Poland: good news for Lewandowski 00:07–Serbia: Stojkovic has a reverse fit 00:00–EdF: Dembélé took revenge 06/16–England: Southgate is content with success … Read more

Farschviller. The Olympics animation 50 years of the Football Club

The (Site notre bureau spécialisé) has been bouncing for well over 50 years in Farschviller, that’s for sure. However, it was not until July 1974 that the local club officially affiliated with the French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation. We cannot leave this anniversary date without paying tribute to all the players, coaches, conductors, fans … Read more