Zaire-Emery, the baccalaureate and a big surprise

Having become indisputable at PSG, Warren Zaire-Emery was summoned by Didier Deschamps to play in the Euro in Germany. A presence which remains a surprise in the eyes of Daniel Riolo and which forced interest to postpone the Bac exam until the start of the school year.

Warren Zaire Emery will therefore have sufficient aura to become an indisputable starter at PSG and be called up to the French team to compete in the Euro in Germany. At 18 years old, the young player is constantly making progress. So much so that he will have to review his schedule for the next few weeks, he who was due to take the Baccalaureate next month.

I need an exception for the euro and I’m concentrating. I have to take the BAC in September for a little peace of mind. You can see him again after the show,” he explained at the microphone of TF1 in the wake of Didier Deschamps’ announcement list. And this after having expressed all his happiness at being part of the adventure.

He only did half a season

“I am very happy to be part of this list. It is one of the flagship competitions with the French team. Very happy to represent my country, I do it proudly,” he says. And Warren Zaire-Emery can be very satisfied with the presence of the source. That’s all you have to say to Daniel Riolo.

“I don’t understand why it’s obvious to people that Zaire-Emery is on the list, thus confided the RMC polemicist. We’re talking about a kid who is 18 years old, who had a good first half of the season and who, in the second half, showed a lot of limitations and fatigue. If there are no questioning his qualities, I like this kid. If you come back to the Euro, you are in the middle of the season, sorry it’s a surprise. »