Youtube offers American football

Credits of the program presented by Grégory Ascher for the Super Bowl on the channel L' Équipe - Abaca

Credits of the program presented by Grégory Ascher for the Super Bowl on the channel L’Equipe – Abaca

The YouTube platform is located between the sports rights market and offers the rights to NFL round matches.

Entry into the running of the juggernaut of the video. Here, Youtube announces that it has acquired the sports rights of the NFL, the National (Site notre blog d’information) League, the first division of the American (Site notre bureau spécialisé) championship. The platform has recovered the rights to the Sunday afternoon meetings. The broadcast starts from 2023.

A contract of 2.5 billion dollars per year

This is a major move in the sports broadcasting market, since Youtube has never invested in this sector before. Until today, Youtube mainly offered summaries of sports content. The video site was already in partnership with the NFL around content on the backstage of the championship and talk shows on this sport.

According to the « New York Times », Youtube has signed a contract for 2.5 billion dollars, the equivalent of 2.4 billion euros, per year to afford these rights. This is a billion dollars more than the amount paid by DirectTV, the historic broadcaster of the NFL rights. In addition, this agreement includes the sale to the bars which retransmit the matches.

Netflix not yet ready to enter the market

However, it is not the first web giant to launch into live sports broadcasting. Facebook and Amazon have already invested in the sector. On the other hand, Netflix is ​​still cautious about buying sports rights. At a conference organized by UBS bank, on 6…

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