Who voted for Haaland? Ballon d’Or votes from each country

The reason why Lionel Messi – and not Erling Haaland – won the Ballon d’Or has been somewhat controversial in recent days. So let’s see which countries Messi wasn’t the first choice, where Haaland was chosen instead and which players made the top five in each country.

Source: @Kaorumitomafan via “Twitter/X”

For some countries, neither was number one. Cameroon and Ecuador, for example, chose Kylian Mbappé and Portugal chose Bernardo Silva.

Among the selected players, there are hardly any DFB players; only Germany itself and Georgia chose Gündogan in the top five.

We don’t want to restart the discussion about Messi or Haaland here, but is there a player you completely miss here. In the comments with.