Werder Bremen: Baumann assumes Chiarodia will stay

Werder’s youngest Bundesliga professional

Werder Bremen are optimistic about their ability to keep young player Fabio Chiarodia (18) on the Weser. « In the case of Fabio, we assume that he will not withdraw the clause and stay with us, » manager Frank Baumann told ‘Bild’ newspaper of the defensive talent associated with other clubs, who may leave SVW with a contract option.

« He graduated from school and therefore has even better conditions to have more playing time with us. We are convinced that this will succeed, » added Baumann, who wants to stick to the previous structure of the center of defense of Bremen. « We still feel very comfortable in this constellation with four seasoned centre-backs and one talent, » the official said.

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Werder’s quartet of central defenders are still tied to the Hanseatic city for the long term: Marco Friedl (25), Amos Pieper (25) and Niklas Stark (28) until 2026 each, Milos Veljkovic (27 ) until 2025. Chiarodia, whose working document still stands until the end of the upcoming season, made his first three Bundesliga appearances last season, where he replaced Nick Woltemade as the youngest Bundesliga player for the Greens-Whites at the time.

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