Völler: Nagelsmann “has a lot of demands” – DFB talks with national coach planned soon

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I haven’t played a competitive game yet and want to extend it – great plan.

Well, there haven’t been any recently, so neither the DFB nor JN can do anything about it…
Germany, like other nations with great history, still has the right to have local coaches. In England there have only been English people apart from two foreigners, in France there have been three exceptions, all before 1980, in Italy there is one exception from the 1950s, in Spain there are only two exceptions from the period 69-82, if looking at it we ignore the fact that both had registered Spain as their second nationality; there is an exception for Brazil (ironically, even the first national coach), as well as for Argentina…
Okay, there has never been an exception in the DFB, but other nations rarely or no longer do it, which is why German coaches are the first to focus on the DFB.
Among the big names, Flick, Löw and Klopp are absent. I can’t imagine Tuchel because of the media and the Bayern players. Rangnick has a contract with Austria until he is 26 and is also reportedly being courted by Bayern. Only Nagelsmann remains.

But there are also no extraneous options where I say « he definitely does it better than JN ». Yes, Mourinho is a knockout coach, but I don’t think his (Site notre bureau spécialisé) suits people like Wirtz and Musiala, who are the future and almost the present of the N11, and I also think he can coach d Other national teams (the Portuguese and the English for example) have a closer eye on it.
Zidane has probably rejected a lot of offers so far, why should he accept the one from the DFB? He is more likely to wait for a vacant position with the French.
Van Gaal gives me the impression that since his cancer and the end of his role as Netherlands coach, he wanted to have fewer tasks and withdraw more, which is why he has only been employed as a consultant since then at Ajax, so I find it strange that he suddenly returns to an N11.
Ancelotti is still linked to Real.
Ok, a Southgate could become available, but is he better than JN? I dare to doubt it.

So feel free to correct me if I missed an obvious option, but personally I just don’t see who should be available and better than JN…