The Centre-Val de Loire League is doing well

The general assembly of the Centre-Val de Loire (Site notre bureau spécialisé) league is held in parallel at Orléans La Source, in the shared space of the US Orléans. As a preamble to the work, Antonio Teixeira, its president, reviewed the agenda of a summer general assembly which closes a “Exciting season until the last day for the climbs and descents”.


At the last count, there were 91,632 – a code which has never been reached for more than six years – an increase of 6.73% compared to the 2022-2023 season, during which the number of licenses was 85,861.

These two practices are on the market, like seniors, in the category of hemorrhagic sources, which determine the seasons before their end. In detail, the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) animation includes a bull market of 6.77%, drivers of 7.25%, drivers of 7.16%, drivers of 8.31% and referees of 5%. The futsal team also posted an improved figure (+ 3%). “These results are based on the credit of the club which worked for the former and accumulated”underlined Antonio Teixeira.

Note that the voluntary license put in place by the League, a pioneer in this approach and verified by State services, made it possible to uncover four people on file this season.


They are in decline (-8.85%), or 1,133 fewer sanctions than the previous season. The points license allowed an R1 club to remain at this level thanks to this bonus. 160 licenses without points at the moment and will therefore not be able to join the league next season.

Actions of the League

The endowment for the clubs is €145,000, with note, for certain reasons, the possibility of receiving two pairs of but offers.

As part of the regrouping of regional structures in Orléans, vote with more than 68% on April 5, 2024 in an extraordinary general meeting, an agreement will be signed with Orange on July 5 for the acquisition of the Petite Mérie land. “The second phase is the submission of the builder’s permit”a precise statement from the president of the League.


The settlement result is positive at €256,045.

The championships

As was predictable, club representatives voted 84% for the increase from R1 to 14 clubs for the next two seasons, with a return to 12 clubs afterwards. Concerning the climbs and descents for 2024-2025, this is the proposal which was adopted by 83%, with one rise for the three ebenex, six descents for the R1 and four descents in each pool of R2 and R3.

1he The Tour de la Coupe de France will take place on August 24 and 25, the R1 will make its return the same weekend.

The R1 Futsal Féminin creation project is made up of six or two teams and is presented to club representatives.

Next AGM

It will be elective and will take place at the UFR Staps in Orléans La Source on October 25.