Terim takes over as Panathinaikos coach – Jovanovic must move to second place

Quote from Afyon

Someone is probably afraid of possible investigations. It is suspected that he was involved in a cheating scandal.

Quote from KartalBesiktas

He fled Turkey after recent scandals (there is fraud)
Why would he suddenly coach a foreign team soon after?

So I have very serious doubts about your intellect, not to mention your ability to think purely with logic and common sense.

He signs a contract for one and a half years.
This means that after a year and a half he will return to Turkey if he fulfills the contract, after all he has the Turkish passport, his family and property are in Turkey.

Moreover, this scandal to which you refer here did not appear overnight, but it has interested the judicial system for a long time.
Pointing is always a mental trait that suits these people, but be wary of anyone pointing the finger at you.

Besides, we are talking about a team that is and will continue to be right in the middle of the championship race.

I don’t think Fatih Terim has anything to worry about, I look forward to the photos when he visits his family in Turkey and I look forward to your apology.

Personally, I have little sympathy for Fatih Terim, but he remains the most successful coach, whether you accept it or not.
His style has always been a thorn in my side, but his successes speak for themselves.

Ergin Ataman, another legend, is also there and works in the basketball industry.
Also from Galatasaray.

Have you perhaps thought that the timing might have something to do with the phase and timing of the transfer.

I’m curious to see how this will play out in Greece.
Good luck.