PSG: Mns defends Mbappé – Archyde

A departure this after insisting on his desire to win the Champions League at Paris Saint-Germain or a free departure in a year without the possibility for the capital club to recover money, Kylian Mbappe (24 years, 43 games and 41 goals in all competitions this season) could do some due. While he insisted on his desire to respect his commitments, the French striker defended by Pierre Mns.

« I don’t think money is the driving force behind Mbapp because he’s 24 and he doesn’t need the money anymore. In this story, there is something that is completely put aside and for me it is a mistake, it is the respect of a contract”, indicated the journalist on his blog.

« Respecting a contract means going to the end of this contract. Nothing says that a player must sign beyond his contract so that his club can receive a transfer invitation. But nothing says either that Mbapp’s position necessarily includes a departure from PSG. He is fed up with this year’s cardboard team. Now, if PSG go far in C1 and have a very good season, he may want to stay. .. », an addition Mns.