PSG: Mbappé responds to Fofana – Archyde

Proud to have competition with Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1, the Lens midfielder Seko Fofana (28 years old, 35 matches and 7 goals in L1 this season) and saw the Parisians panic (see the news item at 11:16 p.m.). Still on the set of the UNFP Trophies ceremony, the striker of the French champions Kylian Mbappe (24 years old, 33 games and 28 goals in L1 this season) answered him.

« I want to congratulate the Lensois, they had a great season, reacted the former Mongasque. (…) You always have to talk about the opponents, especially when they are good. On the other hand, no, we don’t have panicked. But they’re good. Even me, as an opponent, I had fun watching them. But we’re still Paris Saint-Germain! Even for a year that people think a little less well, we’re there to win and that’s what we did so we’re very happy. But they were very good. »