Philipp Lahm suggests limiting salaries of DFB national coaches


Maximum for national coaches

In the view of former national player Philipp Lahm, the German (Site notre blog d’information) Association should in future take fewer financial risks when filling the position of national coach. “There is probably nothing that can be done about the economic dynamics of clubs competing for the best players and coaches. But associations like the DFB should oppose salary excesses,” demanded the tournament director of the local European Championship in his column in “Die Zeit”. As an association, we can’t go back in time completely, says Lahm: « But a little return to basics can’t hurt. »

« It doesn’t have to be more than 2 million euros per year, or a little more depending on success, » the 2014 world champion said of the national coach’s salary: « Like the associations have their own culture, they play according to their rules, they also have another Mission. » The DFB also « found itself in a difficult financial situation » due to the sporting crisis.

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Julian Nagelsmann has taken over from released Hansi Flick as national coach until next summer’s home European Championships – and is set to receive €4m for it. According to media reports, Nagelsmann, under contract with FC Bayern Munich until 2026, was ready to reduce his salary. He collected around 7 million euros per year from the record champions.

“I don’t want any laurels for this, I am fully aware that my job is a privilege and I earn enough money,” the 36-year-old said during his presentation. Sports director Rudi Völler said: “Julian and his management have been incredibly accommodating to us (financially; editor), which was not expected. Bayern also played wonderfully.

Much is expected of Nagelsmann in terms of sport, Lahm said. « Julian Nagelsmann’s mission is to give the team balance, stability, hierarchy, continuity, face and style and to exploit its enormous potential, » he wrote: « He has missed all this lately. The time is not too short. » Nagelsmann has already shown he is « extraordinarily talented » as a coach, Lahm said: « But he has yet to prove he can build a top team. »

EM director Lahm: There are “no more excuses” for the DFB team

Lahm also expressed his expectations following the latest personnel decisions at the DFB. “There are no more excuses now,” wrote the ex-captain in an article in the “Kicker”. With Nagelsmann as national coach, Völler as sporting director and Andreas Rettig as general manager, the course is set on crucial positions. Calm can now reign around the national team and everyone can fully concentrate on their role. All that matters now is “clarity and focus on shared success,” Lahm wrote.

Lahm made it clear that, in his opinion, the fans were united by a single wish: « The aspiration for a national team that is passionate and combative in front of its own crowd and plays a successful tournament. » » After the early exit of the World Cup Qatar and previous European Championship Supporters wanted to see a national team « with which they can fully identify ».

Only one weaker than Flick: all national coaches based on points average

11 Erich Ribbeck – 1.50 points per game

&copy IMAGO

24 international matches (October 10, 1998 to June 20, 2000) as of September 10, 2023

10 Hansi Flick – 1.72 points per game

&copy IMAGO

25 international matches (August 1, 2021 to September 10, 2023)

9 Rudi Völler – 1.85 points per game

&copy IMAGO

53 international matches (July 2, 2000 to June 24, 2004)

8 Sepp Herberger – 1.86 points per game

&copy IMAGO

169 international matches (January 1, 1936 to June 7, 1964)

7 Franz Beckenbauer – 1.89 points per game

&copy IMAGO

66 international matches (September 12, 1984 to July 8, 1990)

6 Otto Nerz – 1.91 points per game

&copy IMAGO

68 international matches (July 1, 1926 to August 8, 1936)

5 Jürgen Klinsmann – 2.06 points per game

&copy IMAGO

34 international matches (July 26, 2004 to July 11, 2006)

3 Helmut Schön – 2.09 points per game

&copy IMAGO

139 international matches (from November 4, 1964 to June 21, 1978)

3 Joachim Löw – 2.09 points per game

&copy IMAGO

198 international matches (July 12, 2006 to June 29, 2021)

2 Jupp Derwall – 2.18 points per game

&copy IMAGO

66 international matches (July 1, 1978 to June 20, 1984)

1 Berti Vogts – 2.20 points per game

&copy IMAGO

102 international matches (09/08/1990 to 07/09/1998)

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