OM, the beautiful tribute of Emmanuel Macron

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the coronation of OM in the Champions League, Emmanuel Macron wanted to send a message to the heroes of 1993.

Friday evening, Eric Di Meco organized a private party for 400 guests at the Fortin de Corbières, in Marseille, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of OM’s victory in the Champions League. For this occasion, Emmanuel Macron, a big fan of the Marseille club, translated a message to the 1993 European champions via a video broadcast on the giant screen.

“I have never ceased to be faithful to OM”

“This is a historic victory. I was thinking very hard of you, appointed the President of the Republic. That evening, 30 years ago, you made me dream and vibrate like millions of other French people, not just Marseillais. I have never ceased to be loyal to OM and you are the mythical generation, the one who made it possible to have this European star and to be forever the first! Always and again! »

After the festivities, around 11 p.m., OM supporters set Marseille on fire with more than 8,000 cracked smoke bombs in the four rooms of the city.