OM sale, the sanction falls!

The rumor of a sale of OM is sometimes revived, while owner Frank McCourt seems ever more distant, some observers of the Marseille club believe that there is no interest from Saudi Arabia.

And this is the room for a deliveryOM to Saudi Arabia was really fake? These are two major media outlets which put a piece back into the machine, step by independent journalist Thibaud Vérizian, who announced the takeover of the Marseille club by the Saudis in 2021. 400 million euros, and The Team spoke of the discretion of owner Frank McCourt and “ an inevitable process « .

While the team’s season is a disaster due to President Pablo Longoria’s advisors, Ciel et Blanc supporters (minus those who dream of the arrival of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund like in Newcastle) are calm for an indiscretion given to the presenter you Phocaeanreference media around OM. Romain Haering estimate that «  the Saudi state is not, for the moment, really interested « and that’ » we are no longer on this rumor from the Saudi state, less and less « .

The Marseille journalist thus evokes a Thibaud Vérizian who is now stubborn after having received this information of a possible takeover by the Saudis (which never materialized). Which has the gift of dividing Marseille supporters. “ It’s destabilization, and you have a club and supporters « , declares Romain Haering, who perhaps imagines OM passing into the hands of  » multi-billionaires » but also be sold « to quiches » as in Bordeaux and OL.