OM: Gameiro compares Marcelino Gourcuff – Football

Barring a last-minute twist, Marcelino should take over from Igor Tudor on the Olympique de Marseille bench. On the other, RMC, Kevin Gameiro attached to the Spaniard, and his son, the coach of Valence FC.

« He’s someone with a lot of character. He has a game philosophy based on Spanish (Site notre bureau spécialisé). I found a bit of Christian Gourcuff (who worked for his coach Lorient) in him, with a 4-4- He is very strict on certain things, there are rules that do not go against the hygiene of life, on the weight », confides the player from Strasbourg, who admits having paid « big fines » when he does not respect a « ideal weight ».

« I played with Rodrigo Valencia who was more of a nine and a half, he remembers. He likes to have two players on the defensive line to weigh and create a lot of problems for the defense. (…) it takes a lot of Efforts because you have to respect the 4-4-2 but played a lot of (Site notre bureau spécialisé). started from behind. It requires a lot of participation from the attackers also in the game in general. »