OM: Correa can already pack his bags

THE 04/04/2024 9:59 p.m.

OM: Correa can

Joaquin Correa is originally from Marseille.

Loaned by Inter until the end of the season, Joaquin Correa hardly plays any more with Olympique de Marseille. The attacking midfielder in Argentina was written by Jean-Louis Gasset to gain playing time…

19 minutes. This is the time spent by Joaquin Correa (29 years old) on the pitch in 2024. A real misery for a player looking for good sensations and who was part of the winning group of the 2022 World Cup before withdrawing for a few days before the event in Qatar.

An insufficient profile

Present at the press conference, the instructor of Olympique de Marseille, Jean-Louis Gasset, explained his gesture with the parsimony of the attacking midfielder in Argentina. “This includes all group times and all times during training. It is in a section of play that Aubameyang, Faris (Moumbagna) and Illiman (Ndiaye) are both half-pointers. Everyone thinks he returned to Clermont within a quarter of an hour. You can hear me this second time when you hear from me» whispered the Marseille manager to journalists.

I told him not to give up. Sometime or another, I’m sure it’s clear» admitted the former assistant of Laurent Blanc, who insisted on the profile of the South American, much too similar to others in his team. “This is not what I built the effect to be. When you have your own attack, it is difficult for thunder to have a chance on the world. I told you when I arrived that my goal was to put the players in their place. If he plays, it’s either at the point or around the point. He’s an axis player.»

There is a chance that OM will be retained

If he wanted to be reassured for the weeks to come, Correa will have to look for another interlocutor. The former Lazio player, who neither scored nor scored, and 15 matches with the Marseille club, was able to witness the end of the Marseillaise adventure. As a reminder, OM, 7th in Ligue 1, will have to exercise their purchase option of 10 million euros in the event of qualification for the Champions League. With 7 points behind Lille, 4th, before their shock on Friday evening in the North, the mission promises to be very difficult. A morning of celebration in the European League…

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by Youcef TouaitiaTHE 04/04/2024 9:59 p.m.