OM: 3 candidates to replace Ribalta – Football

11/10OM: 3 candidates to replace Ribalta 11/10MHSC-Clermont: verdict on October 25 11/10Lyon: Cucci reassures on the Textor project 11/10Bordeaux: Celje confirms for Riera 11/10Lyon: Cucci defends Lacazette and Tolisso 11/10OM: Longoria continues “with determination” 11/10OM: the club confirms the role of Ribalta! 11/10Belgium: the Castagne overdaling 11/10Naples: the track is cold 11/10Inter: Lukaku’s response to the controversies 11/10Bavaria: Coman thinks big for Tel 11/10OM: Di Meco tackles the fearful Marcelino 11/10Bayern: Upamecano absent for 3 months 11/10MF survey: Pogba, far from the best in Blues 11/10EdF: the Blues qualify for the Euro… 11/10Liverpool: Van Dijk, the object of Konat 11/10Chelsea: Kepa stays in Madrid 11/10OM: Ribalta out, Benatia in? 11/10England: Maguire, the attention of Beckham 11/10Tottenham: Kane’s son 11/10Bara: Torres responds to his editors 11/10TFC: the youngest team in Europe 11/10Man City: Phillips towards the exit 11/10Arsenal: Saliba compares himself to a Rolls-Royce 11/10Naples: Conte reacts to the rumor 11/10Orléans: touch, Casoni will file a complaint 11/10Montpellier: jet late, judgment postponed 11/10EdF: Lukeba is not a fair number 11/10Belgium: Lukaku pays tribute to Hazard 11/10PSG: Coman comments on the evolution of the club 11/10Ballon d’Or: Mbappé, Dugarry’s fed up 11/10Birmingham: Rooney signs (official) 11/10VIDEO: Lukeba’s offbeat interview, hot 11/10Bavaria: details for Upamecano 11/10Strasbourg: supporters criticized Keller 11/10CdM 2034: 4 countries facing Saudi Arabia? 11/10Spain: Brahim Diaz with Morocco? 11/10Miscellaneous: Zidane has a touch for his future 11/10Milan: Maignan knows his sanction 11/10OM: Longoria, Marcelino is now here 11/10OM: Marcelino has no regrets 11/10OM: Marcelino justifies his abandonment 11/10OM: Marcelino has “never seen it” 11/10OM: Marcelino – “not a big club” 10/10OM: Ribalta, trend and party 10/10Bara: his future, Torres never doubted 10/10EdF: Gusto really surprised 10/10Bavaria: Matthus under the spell of San 10/10Barça: Gndogan has a blast with Xavi 10/10Lyon: Gusto pain by the insults of the fans 10/10EdF: Griezmann in the middle, Rabiot not surprised 10/10Germany: Tel agent responds to Vller 10/10Naples: contacts with Conte! 10/10Orléans: Casoni responds to the controversy 10/10Besiktas: Yilmaz takes over as interim (off.) 10/10Real: Joselu thought Mbappé was going to come 10/10Montpellier: Diaw, the ultras are experimenting 10/10OM: new rumor with Saudi Arabia… 10/10Morocco: Yamal, the denial of the federation 10/10Salernitana: F. Inzaghi replaces Sousa (off.) 10/10OM: Beckham fan of an old jersey 10/10Juve: Rabiot is a progressive player on two points 10/10Sevilla: Diego Alonso on the bench (official) 10/10Real: Mbappé, a conductor confirmed for 2024 10/10EdF: Rabiot and his relationship with Deschamps 10/10Naples: Laurentiis meets Luis Enrique! 10/10Belgium: Castagne of the past with Courtois… 10/10Naples: De Laurentiis does not reassure Garcia 10/10Man Utd: Ten Hag attends Sancho’s apology 10/10Lyon: an old boy from Israel 10/10Miscellaneous: Frappart Wembley, another first 10/10Palestine: team withdraws from tour 10/10Miscellaneous: the message from Mbapp Hazard 10/10Montpellier: jet crash, the suspect tried on Tuesday 10/10Orléans: accused of racism, Casoni suspended! 10/10Euro 2028-2032: the organizers confirm! 10/10EdF: Germany wants to naturalize Tel! 10/10Miscellaneous: Eden Hazard is retiring! 10/10Lyon: Lovren-Grosso, a heater? 10/10Liverpool: Tottenham and the Reds cannot digest 10/10Spain: Yamal forfeits the rally 10/10Euro 2028-2032: organizers known 12 p.m. 10/102024 Olympics: Henry voices Mbappé 10/10CdM: Ronaldo would like to play the 2026 edition! 10/10Clermont: Diaw comes out of silence 10/10ASSE: Ruffier demands more than €7 million 10/10Naples: Garcia maintained his position, but… 10/10Augsburg: Maassen limog (official) 09/10Spain: the Zaragoza surprise 09/10EdF: Gusto wants to stay there 09/10Lens: a “risky financier” for Wahi 09/10PSG: Skriniar, the weak link according to Rami 09/10Bavaria: San is in no hurry to extend 09/10Lille: André master of duels in L1 09/10Lyon: Diawara frustrated for his first 09/10VIDEO: the beauty of Areola 09/10Orléans: Casoni accuses of racism! 09/10PSG: Alexandre Ruiz and Luis Enrique 09/10Nantes: Centonze presents these apologies 09/10Seville: Marcelino already relaunched? 09/10EdF: Disasi forfeits, Lukeba call 09/10EdF: Giroud goalkeeper, the staff room! 09/10Brest: Roy criticizes Toulouse 09/10Leverkusen: Xabi Alonso calms all over the world 09/10Inter: Thuram and the relationship with Lautaro 09/10Man City: Arsenal, a first match in 2015 09/10Chelsea: Palmer’s impressions of Pochettino 09/10Lorient: Bakayoko ignites for Kroupi 09/10EdF: Deschamps sad for Pogba 09/10Lens: Bollaert soon owner of the club? 09/10Barça: return of Messi, Martino laughs about it 09/10EdF: Deschamps reassures for Mbappé 09/10EdF: Deschamps justifies himself for Gusto 09/10Bara: Kound will miss the Clasico 09/10EdF: Mr. Thuram aims for a starting place 09/10Lyon: Le Bris counted on the excitement of OL 09/10Naples: Garcia in the hot seat? 09/10EdF: Disasi and Gusto summoned (official) 09/10Bara: new record for Yamal 09/10Naples: Garcia’s reproach for his children