National. The truth at the bottom of Le Puy for AS Nancy Lorraine

Le Puy Nancy

This Friday 7:30 p.m.

If, one day, we had been told that the ASNL pros would go to the Charles-Massot stadium in Le Puy, make a match between two teams concerned, at the moment T, by the fight to avoid religion in the fourth division … Yet it is indeed the reality, unfortunately. In accordance with the result of this Auvergne event and the other scores of the 17th national day, the club of Michel Platini, marked in Ligue 1 in 2017, risks in the long term the terminator of the first phase in the red zone in N2. of the season.

Deprived of three executives (Sakho and Cropanese injured, Ndoye still blocked in Senegal), the Nancy people are advancing towards this meeting of fear in Auvergne without any certainty given their bad spiral (4 points out of 18) and their poor away results. They have only won once on the road and it already dates from September 2 in Concarneau. Above all, they…