National 2. Louhans-Cuiseaux: 3 men for a revival before Sète?


This Friday, 6 p.m.

Two veterans and a new kid. Two defensive elements and one offensive. Two discreet and one extrovert. In this January transfer window, Louhans-Cuiseaux did its market and made something new with a little old. By remodeling its workforce with three arrivals: Pape Gaye and Kevin Mingoua already passed through the club, and Mansour Belarbi, free. All to breathe new life and offer more choices. « We had to reinforce the group numerically to bring a little freshness visually and in the heads », indicates Frédéric Jay, the Louhannais coach, who had asked his leaders for 3 players. « When you have a larger group, it’s already not the same…