Nantes: Mollet and Chirivella towards the exit? -Soccer

Officially the main holder of the 33rd day of Ligue 1, FC Nantes is looking towards next season to begin to outline the contours of the future effect. Florent backgrounds Calf (32 years old, 28 matches and 4 matches in L1 this season) and Pedro Chirivelle (26 years old, 32 matches and 1 goal in L1 this season), respectively under contract until 2025 and 2026, are not sure of making a game of it. As revealed by RMC, the Nantes management will not retain these two players in the event of interesting offers this summer.

Overall, the Nantes summer market looks set to be lively as Antoine Kombouar wishes to resolve an issue marked by recent difficult seasons. Ultimately, goalkeepers Rémy Descamps and Denis Petric, as well as midfielders Moussa Sissoko and Samuel Moutoussamy, are expected to leave. One remains for central defense Nicolas Pallois who could be offered an extension.