Mercato – OM: Gasset’s successor spills the beans?

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For the new entrepreneur for next season, OM is insisting on behind the scenes to attract Paulo Fonseca, who is coming to the end of his contract with LOSC. And the latter also posted a very enigmatic speech which seems to confirm the trend of leaving the northern club this summer… to go to OM?

Come to you will have an exclusive reveal, theOM with the package to convince Paulo Fonseca He will take back his team’s dreams next season. The interim of Jean-Louis Gasset Will end in June, and it is therefore the Portuguese coach of LOSC which acts as a priority on the side ofOMespecially since Fonseca present the arrival point of view in the opposite direction Dogs.

Fonseca very enigmatic about his future

Asked at a press conference on Saturday, Paulo Fonseca Has also remained very evasive about his future at LOSC and a possible departure forOM It is: «  How am I experiencing this end of the season and this situation? Tranquility. And total concentration on the final four matches. My future is not important, the future of Lille is the most important. I am totally focused on the next four matches. Do I know what I’m going to do? I haven’t decided », blurted the Portuguese.

“He will decide”

Same story for Luke Knightthe guard you LOSCwhen discussing the future of Paulo Fonseca : “ This is not a subject that we talk about at all. It’s normal, he’s a successful coach and it’s a final contrast, the pleasure for many teams in Europe. It’s like players, when you’re good you’re in demand. It’s a real attachment. The goal of the club is its supporters and that is something we are doing. It would be even better to get a podium. It is he who will decide, it is his future. A choice is sure, we will end this season in the best way », confides the Lille doorman. L’OM can therefore rub their hands, the signals seem to confirm a departure from Paulo Fonseca this summer.