Mas Saintes Puelles. Football: the FCMAS in AG

On Saturday June 10, the general assembly of the FCMAS took place. The meeting was held in the hall at 11 a.m. President Cedric Lopez opened the session by presenting the lost season of the 3 teams: the pennant team finished 3rd out of 12 teams with the fair play points of this 2nd District Division. 2 and 3 take 7th place with 10 teams in the 4th Division district (groups A and B).

The treasurer reported on the positive financial results for this season which is coming to an end.

For next season 2023-2024, the Massogien (Site notre bureau spécialisé) club will hire two teams. On the transfer window side, the leaders on several tracks, with the official signature during the ceremony of Rédouane Alliche, from Tournefeuille (Haute-Garonne).

The office of the club presented its resignation, the assembly thus constituted a new office: co-presidents; Cédric Lopez and Christophe Palanque; secretary: Stéphane Escribe; treasurer: Adeline Palanque; FCMAS1 coaches: Damien Gaiani and Jérémy Palanque; FCMAS2 coaches: Ludo Mounié, Rémi Bonnefont and Brice Phalippou; photos and social journals: Stéphane Ourliac and Evan Palanque.

The club has remembrance for their presence certain municipal councilors and Mrs. Peyrouzet, representing Mrs. the Mayor, Isabelle Siau, for her speech at the end of the assembly. The meeting ended with the glass of friendship. In the continuity of this day, the former violets of 1989 (birth of the club) found themselves 34 years later in their stadium of La Sauzette to remember the memories of the past.