Mamba mentality in league 3: These 9 are (almost) only available as a double pack

Tomorrow night all eyes will be on Osnabrück, where VfL open the new Third Division season against Duisburg. The duel between Oldenburg and Meppen deserves at least as much attention on Saturday. Because it’s a derby. And because the guests arrive with a very special newcomer: Johannes Manske.

At first glance, the 22-year-old new signing appears to be one of the promising youngsters of the genre abundant in the league. But really only at first glance. The striker, who was trained at Hertha BSC, played a solid previous season for regional league Altglienicke, scoring 16 goals and three assists in 40 games across all 3rd Division competitions. The next logical step followed this summer.

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It will be unusual for the first time, as Manske did not start the journey to Meppen alone. His brother Paul, two years his junior, also left Altglienicke for Emsland, where he will be part of the professional team. « It’s no coincidence. Having each other, being able to support each other – that’s really valuable, » Johannes explains in an interview with One(Site notre blog d’information): « We’re not saying that we only exist as a double pack. « It’s an option, we think it’s very cool, of course. It was also a clear tipping point for Meppen.

The Manske brothers, sons of former Hertha Vice President Thorsten Manske, experience mutual support day after day. Because, as before in their hometown, they now live in a shared apartment in Meppen. “It makes a lot of things easier. Sometimes one cooks, sometimes the other. Sometimes one cleans, sometimes the other. A classic win-win situation. Also in the field, it is cooperation instead of competition. Paul is a man for the right flank, Johannes, who is 1.92 meters tall, prefers to act in the center of the attack.

, Mamba mentality in league 3: These 9 are (almost) only available as a double pack

« I get to the end of my dynamics, I have a good top speed and a good start », characterizes the striker himself. He mainly scores goals after deep runs, a classic nine. Although he himself still sees room for improvement: « The next step in my development is to also become a real advantage. But I don’t want to lose any momentum or speed. »

Kobe as a great inspiration

The one who combines all these things is Erling Haaland. « That’s what I admire most is my understanding of a modern centre-forward, » Manske said. He does not speak of a model, only one has this status with him: « Kobe Bryant, that’s why I wear number 24. I appreciate the Mamba mentality with him. » The absolute dedication, the willingness to sacrifice, the never -tiring – everything to succeed. « Kobe just had the craziest attitude towards the sport that I’ve come across. For me, he’s number one.

Based on the basketball legend’s nickname, « Black Mamba », Manske would sometimes extend a hand-shaped M towards the camera when celebrating a goal. However, with some difficulty, as he notes with a smile: “I have a bad idea where the cameras are. I still have to learn that. »

, Mamba mentality in league 3: These 9 are (almost) only available as a double pack

More important from the point of view of his new employer: In terms of recruitment, the newcomer has no catching up to do. « For seven, eight years I tried to be the one in the team who works the hardest on myself. This is reflected on the pitch: I enter every duel, in every ball, I attack each opponent like crazy. I understood that I had to do more than the others to achieve my goals.  » His evolution confirms this.

What ultimately makes Manske one of the league’s most extraordinary professionals doesn’t actually happen on the pitch. With eGora, it is already the second start-up that he founded and on which he works on a daily basis. The young company offers the stationery trade an online platform and delivers partner goods, especially sustainable and handmade products, to customers within an hour.

Long term to Europe

« It’s very difficult for them to keep up with the big players online like Amazon or Zalando, » the 22-year-old explained. Especially in the spring of 2020, when Corona caused widespread closures, many stores began to fear for their existence. During this process, Manske came up with the idea of ​​offering a platform to all these retailers – and thus « preserving the individuality of inner cities ».

eGora currently operates in large parts of Berlin and wants to prove itself there in the long term. But there are other plans for the future: “Our goal is to be active in other German cities next year and in other European cities in the long term.

A big dream

Manske himself is « not a fan of completely planning my life ». But he wants to keep his options open. (Site notre blog d’information) first, which always comes first among all his commitments. It’s eGora, but it’s also a law degree that the striker is currently on hold.

« It may be over sooner than you think. Serious injury, unexpected turn in his career. One thing is clear to me: if one of my current pillars breaks, I want to continue my studies.

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It’s a refreshing attitude that thwarts the cliché of the young person who plays, streams or travels the world in his spare time. « I don’t judge anyone who does this, » Manske says, but in the same breath he adds realistic words of warning: « If you don’t do anything else, don’t have a training or a degree, sometimes don’t ». Even if you don’t have a real education certificate, it doesn’t make so much sense to throw money away. Otherwise, the rude awakening will come in 15 years when the money suddenly disappears.

It remains to be seen what his (Site notre bureau spécialisé) career will bring until then. In any case, he still has a big dream. « I don’t hide the fact that Hertha is my heart club. If at some point playing for Hertha were to come up, it would be an absolute dream. » In any case, it shouldn’t fail because of his mentality of mamba.