Lucas Hernandez throws his brother Théo!

While the brothers will play for their European future this Wednesday on the last day of the group stage of the Champions League, Lucas Hernandez spoke of the differences between his game and that of his younger brother.

One of the two necessarily remains on the floor, if not both. Between Lucas Hernandez and Théo Hernandez, this is the best place to qualify for the Eighth of the Champions League. A victory for PSG in Dortmund is sure to have an effect on the C1 adventure, with first place in the group up for grabs. AC Milan will have to count on a victory in Newcastle and a poor performance by the Parisians in Germany.

For the first time, the two brothers were able to face the occasion of the two matches between PSG and AC Milan, with a victory in jacket, the French champions won 3-0 at the Parc des Princes before losing 2 – 1 at San Siro. These two face to face have a sacred value of opposition of styles by the admission of the former Munich resident. “ It’s completely different. Everything depends on what we’re looking for: if it’s a pure defender, it will be me and if it’s a piston, carried forward, it will be him. he confided in the you columns Parisian.

Sometimes he still has little gaps of air, gaps in attention.

Defense, he sent the superior coup to his younger brother “a defensive culture” and others “his concentration throughout a meeting”. “Sometimes he still has little gaps of air, gaps in attention,” he emphasized, nevertheless envying her: “His determination depends on the goal. This ability to project himself forward, his high-intensity ball handling. In life, you can’t have everything.

Opponents until recently, the two brothers found themselves victorious in the French team. “It’s an honorable, incredible pride to be in competition with Théo. It’s like a rare example of what you see, he says. If you are happy, if you are delighted, if you are him, if you are even more. This is not a discussion about facade. I speak truth, from my heart.