Insult of Frappart by President Nicollin?

The president of the MHSC saw red this weekend when his team submitted to the Law of Strasbourg (0-2). Explanations.

It was half an hour into the game of the championship match between Strasbourg and Montpellier, Sunday at La Meinau, that Laurent Nicollin was expelled, then forced to leave the Hérault bench that he used to occupy. on match days, like his father Louis – said Loulou – before him.

At the origin of this red card distributed by Stéphanie Frappart, a stroke of blood sequential to an alleged fault by Dimitri Liénard on a Pailladin in the Alsatian surface – fault not sanctioned with a penalty as claimed by the Montpellier staff. According to L’Equipe, the boss of the MHSC would have had unhappy words with regard to the international referee.

 » This red card follows a coarser remark made by the manager, who is one of the few to sit on the bench in each match, against the referee of the meetingcan we read in the digital pages of the sports daily. […] The sanction, which will be communicated at the end of the disciplinary committee on Wednesday, will obviously depend on what he said to Ms. Frappart. »

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For injury to an official, according to the disciplinary code of the FFF, Laurent Nicollin incurs up to eight suspension matches. The Disciplinary Committee will have to determine whether the president of the Montpellier club has been  » big « Or » hurt “, according to the following nuance: “ Rude is any proposal, gesture and/or attitude contrary to propriety aimed at a person and/or his function. Is offensive, any proposal, gesture and/or attitude which seriously affects a person and/or his function. »