« I think I will never digest » the failure of the World Cup, says Mbappé

Despite his winning goal scored at the very end of the match from the penalty spot against Strasbourg on Wednesday evening (2-1), Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé does not yet seem to have digested the failure of the (Site notre blog d’information) World Cup.

« I think I’m never going to digest it, » admitted Kylian Mbappé on Wednesday, speaking of the failure of the 2022 World Cup, where France lost in the final against Argentina (3-3, 4 tab to 2) despite and a triple from the Blues striker.

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“Two very different situations”

« As I said to the teammates, there is no reason for the club to pay for a failure in selection, these are two very different situations », however reassured Mbappé, after giving the victory to his club, Paris Saint-Germain against Strasbourg (2-1) during the 16th day of Ligue 1.

The star of the blues conceded having spent « complicated hours » in the wake of the defeat against Albiceleste, where he dazzled by scoring a triple, including two penalties, then a shot on goal.

On Wednesday, he scored a penalty again, for PSG and winning this time. « It feels good to reconnect with victory, to have a link with the club, the supporters, the teammates, » he slipped into the mixed zone.

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surprise return

The 24-year-old striker had surprised by returning from the …

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