Here is the list of the 10 people who carry the Olympic flame in the English Channel

While many anonymous people have submitted their applications, via various sponsors of the games, to carry the Olympic flame across the English Channel over 200 meters on May 31, the department, in partnership with the Paris 2024 organizing committee, have revealed the list . Limited to 11 personalities from the Manche sporting world (including 2 substitutes) who are also participating in the Olympic relay. And here are their names:

Maële Biré-Heslouis:

A specialist in athletic walking, the 21-year-old Saint-Loise walker is in Olympic preparation, with the ambition and hope of winning her selection to represent France at the Paris Games. A real more complicated challenge which imposes itself on the passer of a preferred distance of 10 km to 20 km.

Eric Delauney:

After Rio and Tokyo, the Saint-Lois shooter licensed in Bretteville-sur-Mer is qualified for his 3rd Olympic Games. A 36 looks like a selection in the Olympic skeet competition.

Clarisse Gomis:

Member of the Saint-Loise weightlifting team, Clarisse Gomis has been a sports coach in La Manche for 4 years. Benefiting from dual French and Senegalese nationality, she is aiming to qualify to participate in her first Olympic Games for Senegal.

Alexandra Fouacé:

At 44, the former Olympic athlete from Sydney and Athens (2000 and 2004) will carry the Olympic flame. She, who was world indoor team archery champion in 1999, is a lover of the Games.

Pauline Mazier:

A graduate of US Avranches Mont Saint-Michel, Pauline worked at the age of 24 as a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) referee in the women’s second division.

Daniel Mangeas:

Is there a need for presenter Daniel Mangeas. The speaker of the Tour de France lasted 40 years and was from the South Channel. A tireless defender of cycling and a great sports fan, the aura that we sometimes hear from the commentator is a real relay!

Andy Delauney:

Paralympic athlete Andy Delauney is aiming for selection in the shot put at the Paris Paralympic Games. He is licensed in Saint-Lô.

Roger Lebrancheu:

At 101 years old, the oldest bearer of the Olympic flame in the English Channel is a former rowing champion, a sport for which he represented France during the 1948 Olympic Games. It is a reconquest of the Buchenwald camp. The room is in Agon-Coutainville.

Julien Epaillard:

The best current chance this year to win a Manchois in the French Olympic selection is the rider of life in an exceptional year in 2023, achieving victories in the obstacle competitions. The best part of the best riders in the world and those who win a medal in this game.

These replacements were also designated:

Farid Bouyagayzen:

It’s not a sport, but it is still illustrative in 2022 in an important rescue of one of his colleagues who fell through a burning floor in the fire of a house in Montreuil-sur-Lozon. For this act of bravery, he will receive the bronze medal.

Audrey Couchot:

A member of AS Tourlaville, this discus throwing specialist was crowned French junior champion last year. She is the representative of future Olympic generations!