Germany threatens a difficult group! This is what EM lottery pots look like

The EM ticket offering is gradually coming to an end. Almost all direct places for the European Championships are now taken. Only Croatia and Wales are competing on Tuesday evening for second place in Group D and therefore the last place, which will take them directly to the European Championships.

The question therefore gradually arises: with which of the countries can Germany enter a group at the home tournament? Here you can preview which team will compete in which pot, so you can win with a little help from Fortuna on December 2. to be drawn into the best group.

Germany can therefore avoid heavy obstacles like France, England or Belgium in the group stage. Other major (Site notre bureau spécialisé) nations, such as Italy or the Netherlands, could find themselves in a group with DFB players. The most difficult group currently for Team Nagelsmann would probably be Denmark/Turkey, Netherlands/Italy and Switzerland.

There will be a tournament in the form of a playoff at the end of March for the last three places in pot four. The three leagues A, B and C of the Nations League each form one of the elimination tournaments, in which four teams each participate. The teams that won the Nations League group always have priority. If the group winners need a playoff spot because they didn’t qualify, they will play. Otherwise, they will give up the space. Currently, the Nations League semi-final matches for the various paths to drawing pot four look like this:

Path A: Poland/Croatia – Estonia Wales/Poland – Finland/Ukraine/Iceland (draw to decide who plays path A or B)

Path B: Israel – Ukraine/Iceland (draw to decide who chooses path A or B) Bosnia and Herzegovina – Finland/Ukraine (draw to decide who chooses path A or B)

Path C: Georgia – Luxembourg Greece – Kazakhstan

But we wouldn’t be at UEFA if things weren’t a little more complicated. Because between Ukraine, Finland and Iceland, it is fate that decides who chooses path A and who chooses path B. The remote duel between Croatia (against Armenia) and the Country of Wales (against Turkey) will decide direct qualification this evening. The loser of the ranged duel must follow path A.

In the semi-final, the best team in the Nations League standings plays at home against the weakest and the second against the third. Home advantage will be drawn for the final, the draw will take place on November 23, 2023 at 12 p.m. There is a semi-final and a final in each of the three tournaments. There is still only one match without a return match. The Euro24 draw will take place on December 2 in Hamburg.