Football (National 3): The Pays du Valois is at its peak

The US Le Pays du Valois only has a few points left to pocket to ensure its survival. “ We are not worried but we would like to take shelter as quickly as possible to avoid an end to the season under pressure », notably son of trainer Sébastien Defaix. The Valoisiens have a three-point lead and a goal average in favor of Marcq, first relegated, before playing this Saturday, April 20 at the Lille reserve. “ It’s a complex match against a team which is heading towards the mountains », Underlines Defaix, deprived of Zonzon, injured in one knee, Ndiaye and Motouta, suspended.

No stakes for Compiègne

Officially relegated in the first week of the weekend, AFC Compiègne is not to be outdone with two matches for four of the last meetings of the season. Starting with the one on the Valenciennes field (b), almost also condemned to go down.