Football: “A huge mistake!” Spanish women’s football marked by new controversy

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Spain, poorly qualified for the Final 4 of the Women’s Nations League, took place on December 1 in Pontevedra and won against Italy (2-3). The world champions committed an incredible tactical blunder at the start of the second half, costing La Roja dearly.

Spain’s streak of eight consecutive victories ended after a 3-2 defeat against Italy, although the Spaniards validated their place in the Final 4 of the League of Nations alongside the Bleues. However, this failure was not trivial.

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In fact, a shadow over the Spanish performance due to a monumental error at the break. Then in the lead on the scoreboard (1-0), the team approaches the second period with several matches on the field, without prior expulsion.

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Montse Tomé, the coach, had planned two changes at the break, but only one of them was made. Esther Gonzalez returns to the game several minutes later, without pressure. The effect of the regulation is the 8 of the Ifab allows the referee to resume the game in one of the two teams is not complete. It is a catastrophic event for the reds, or a license for the Italians to take advantage of their numerical superiority to quickly equalize.

Whose fault is it ?

Post-match, Montse Tomé attributed the misunderstanding to a delay in communication from Aitana Bonmati, who late reported her inability to resume the game.

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However, Athenea del Castillo has a different version, noting that the changes were announced too late, suggesting internal confusion. An error occurred for La Roja, but in the first 38 of the second period compared to the others.

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“A huge mistake, I’m sorry, we can’t afford it in a match like this,” concludes Athenea del Castillo, emphasizing the impact of this blunder on the performance of the world champions against Italy.