Eberl gives Tuchel Arsenal job guarantee: ‘It’s not always just a coaching problem’

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Despite all the understandable anger over the manner in which this new defeat occurred:

As an outsider, I think it is completely wrong to then provide an alibi for the players who once again committed this incredible non-performance by firing the coach – again.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Tuchel is blameless.
But if, as FC Bayern, I lead 2-0 at halftime after a reasonable (or even exceptional) performance at Heidenheim and then lose 3-2, it’s certainly not just the man on the sideline who is responsible.
Also: expel the coach three days before a CL quarter-final so that the new one (whether Mourinho, Magath, Flick or Heinz Müller from Hintertupfingen) only has two days of training before going into a match incredibly important – it would be more, I think it is better to destroy than to help.

In the end, the players must ask themselves why they visibly felt like they no longer had to give 100% in the second half.
If Bayern had continued to play with as much concentration as before the break, Heidenheim probably wouldn’t have even scored a point.


Even though I don’t like Tuchel’s style, I can’t deny his abilities. If the team of these players collapses in 90 seconds and grabs two things, then there’s nothing the coach can do about it. During this short time, he cannot even react and/or change significantly!

After conceding the two goals, the players’ heads shake, morale drops and what happened happens. The culprits are here ON the ground and not on the sidelines!

This “phenomenon” has been observed at Bayern since Nagelsmann. You dominate, have a good attitude and are tactically where you need to be and in the end the team collapses on the pitch and you lose or end up in a draw. Eberl will have a lot of work to harmonize the team again. From now on, coaches like Pep or Kloppo would also fail at FC Bayern. I also think Alonso has recognized this and therefore prefers to stay at Leverkusen to attack with a mature team rather than having to form a team outside Bayern.

This has been a problem for a long time, you play top level (Site notre bureau spécialisé) until you get 1-0 or 2-0 and then a switch goes off in the players heads and everyone becomes a bunch of egos, everyone everyone really wants to score a goal. , you leave your position, start dribbling pointlessly because you really want to attract attention and suddenly concede a goal. After that, the boys cannot go back, but the thought arises: « Now I have to show something to be the savior. »
Added to this is an “extremely weak team”, which has been continuously losing quality for years and which is talked about as having strong followers, but which cannot really do better.
Then we must not forget that we had 60 points in the 28th day, which could mathematically be enough for 78 points, which was no worse than the last 5 years, only that the team was significantly stronger in the least 4 of 5 years. . I don’t see how Tuchel should suddenly become a bad manager, the team is simply no longer viable.
Tuchel said from the start that he needed a 6 and things have gone a little better since Pavlovic started playing there. As soon as it fails, you see what happens…
But we also have to see that over the last 20 years we have lived through an era where players like Robbery, Lewy, Thiago, BS, Lahm, Hummels, Boateng, Müller, Neuer, Martinez, Alonso, Vidal and Alaba were making a name for themselves. huge difference. at their peak, how many do we have in the team now? We no longer have these world-class kickers, we have to realize that, especially the 11 on the field, who often agree that 70% is enough

I would also like to look at it more objectively and not hold myself too high on it. There were always these matches – no one was interested because you were 10 points ahead (and the competition was falling apart too). Things are different this year.
Additionally, the team is simply not well put together and many are lagging behind in form. Thanks to Kane, the team is actually better than last season. (Certainly not much). But if we look at the last 5 years, it has always been a little lower. Davis is not Alaba, Kimmich is not Thiago, Sane is not Robben and Müller is not the Müller of five years ago.
But there are still plenty of good players that probably need 2-3 smart additions. A De ligt is great, and Musiala is also a future star (that we hope to keep)… and we must not forget that in the end boys are only humans and that after the X Championships you you’ll run out of breath. So I’m looking forward to seeing how things go against Arsenal.