Corinne Deacon, disgust

As the France team prepares to launch its World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Corinne Deacon has still not digested her ousting.

Four years after having stalled in the quarter-finals at home, Les Bleues are dividing up to attack the world in the antipodes. Sunday, the France team started the World Cup organized in Australia and New Zealand against Jamaica and the mission does not look easy for the French, deprived of several major assets, in the first row received Marie-Antoinette Katoto, Delphine Cascarino or Amandine Henry.

But the Blue could count on Hervé Renard, their new coach, landed this winter to replace Corinne Deacon. The former central defense was the victim of a putsch launched by its captain, Wendy Renard, and followed by several players including Marie-Antoinette Katoto or Kadidiatou Diani. The departure of Noël Le Graët, a few weeks earlier, obviously did not help the native of Croix. And if she was able to console herself with a nice check, the French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation offloading the sum of 870,000 euros to turn the page, the Northerner has still not digested.

Still bitterness and resentment

“There is still bitterness and resentment in her house over her ousting a few months before the World Cup in circumstances resembling, in her eyes, a putsch fomented by certain players, named his entourage to Parisian. She is not fooled. She has known for a long time that the Lyonnaises wanted her skin after the failure in the 2019 World Cup. Her bad relationship with the influential Jean-Michel Aulas obviously did not help her case. »

And Corinne Deacon has all the less digested the episode that she has not yet found a new project in which to invest. If you have an effect on various missions for FIFA, you will be retrospective on the bank. “She is now trying to turn the page. A passer-by has chosen. It was heavy to manage for her, added her relatives, ” the latter specify: « This adhesion with the free hand of a fringe of the group weighed on her. She did not feel sufficiently supported by all her daughters. It was therefore impossible for her to create this momentum, this little extra soul. She still agrees today. «