Cause. Football: new forces for the Stade Caussadais

the essential
Entrepreneurs, players, Stade caussadais (Site notre bureau spécialisé) is about to finalize recruitment for the 2023-2024 season.

President Samuel Carraux declared that he was for his part, he wished, with regard to the season which has just passed, to devote his forces to the reorganization and the structuring of the club taking into account the ambitions displayed for the years to come. « The objectives have been achieved, with the maintenance of our senior 1 team and the rise of our reserve team. With the end of the coaching duties of Philippe Gachon and Ahmed Harkat and thanks to the good work done so far, I was able to consider improving this set by recruiting an external coach, qualified and experienced at regional level, as well as players playing in the region or having had experience at this level, in order to complete the senior group, and therefore having ambitions is a very great satisfaction to have been able to bring Pierrick Herbst, with whom I immediately had a very good feeling and a vision of amateur (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and the position of senior educator in total adequacy » indicates Samuel. To this is added very good players, mostly former Caussades who are returning to the club, such as Sylvain Rouchy, Jamal Ouali, Salim Morsli, Bill Mohammed Samassi and Sabri Harkat. Others arrive in Caussade like Bastien Roche and Louis Mack from FC Montpezat-de-Quercy/Puylaroque, Aly Keita from Cahors. “There will certainly be other signatures in the weeks to come,” specifies President Carraux. Loïc Porcheron has joined the staff of the 1st team and Jérôme Amisse returns to the club and the coach of the senior goalkeepers. The senior group 2 remains fairly stable with Sébastien Borie at the head of the team, supported by Florian Lesur; A group which will be reinforced by the U18s, who could, for some, claim seniors 1, and by the various arrivals. « We have good ingredients for a great season. As they say: all that’s left to do is… » concluded the president.

The hens for the 2023-2024 season

D2 hen A: Caussade 1, Saint-Étienne-de-Tulmont, Aucamville, Nègrepelisse/Montricoux 2, Bressols 2, Cazes 2, Pompignan, Réalville, Vazerac, Grisolles 3.

D3 hen A: Caussade 2, Quercy-Rouergue, Saint-Nauphary 3, Loubéjac/Ardus 2, Garonne-Gascogne 3, Confluences 2, Albias, Nègrepelisse/Montricoux 3, Aucamville2, Bressols 3.