Bordeaux: Lopez has not said his last word

After the stoppage of the match between Bordeaux and Rodez this Friday, following the aggression of a Ruthn player after the opening of the score of the visitors (see the brief of 10:03 p.m.), the League will meet Monday to decide on the status of the encounter. The Bordelais could lose the game on green carpet and say goodbye to the rise in Ligue 1. However, the president of the Aquitaine club, Gérard Lopez, intends to fight.

« The first thing is that to preserve the rights of the club and the institution, it is the most important, we will file a complaint against the individual, said the leader. Secondly, it is clear Also that I would like it to be played sportingly and on a field, rest of the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) Thirdly, we will be present in committee on Monday and we will assert all our rights as well as our rights on appeal And finally, and this is important given this that one individual did, we still have 42,000 people who left in absolute calm, whereas it is a situation that could have been tense in many other clubs. So I would like to thank them. »