Blues, surprise just before the Euro

The French team wants to tackle Luxembourg and Canada just before participation in Euro 2024. A surprise for certain things.

The deadline is getting closer and closer. In just over two months, the France team entered the competition for Euro 2024. Organized on July 14, the competition must have been awaited with great impatience for the Blues, after an initial sorting. The course has been prepared for three years, with the elimination of tires but also against Switzerland, winner of the Euro 2021 final and Canada. Enough to intrigue some.

For Bertrand Latour, the two nations chosen to face the French team cause astonishment. The channel journalist The Team explained this on Friday: “ With the knowledge of an elected official, Didier Deschamps left the extremely difficult problem facing a game against his fine opponents that he had no hope of meeting the Blues. There are also opponents that the Blues do not want to have. […] This is what I’m looking for, but I’m surprised by the casting. »

Unpublished since 1986

And the observer pours water: “ Canada didn’t have much choice for a European team if I revised my geography carefully. These may be default choices. This is an interpretation on my part, but the two nations represent only a small part of it. » If the Blues faced Luxembourg quite recently (March 2017), it has been much longer since they played against Canada since the last opposition between the two teams dates back to 1986. A match that goes back at the World Cup which took place in Mexico.

Didier Deschamps and his men were born in Luxembourg on June 5 in Metz, before arriving in Bordeaux and Canada on June 9. The Blues’ entry into the Euro is set for June 17 (9 p.m.), with a first meeting in Austria.