Argentina: Mbappé stern, Martinez tells

After the World Cup final won by Argentina against the France team (3-3, 4-2 tab), Emiliano Martinez (30 years old) crystallized the frustration of the tricolor people because of offensive judging celebrations l Meeting with Kylian Mbappé. Whether in the locker room, with a song about the « death » of the French striker, or Buenos Aires with this famous stern. In France (Site notre blog d’information), the Aston Villa goalkeeper held on to explain himself.

« Singing in the locker room is a dressing room thing, it should never have come out… When France beat Argentina in 2018, I remember there were also chants about Lionel Messi (and the nice and small N’Golo Kant, editor’s note). I have nothing against Mbapp, there is nothing personal. I respect him enormously. (…) The stern? People were swinging at us full dolls along the road, we must have received a hundred during the trip. at that moment, a doll with the face of Mbapp fell at my feet, I picked it up because it made me laugh, I I hugged for two seconds and gave it back, that’s all, » « Dibu » Martinez told the magazine.

« How could I make fun of Mbapp? He gave me four goals (a hat-trick and a shot on goal, editor’s note)? Four goals in the final… He must think that I’m his stern! I repeat it : I have a lot of respect for Mbapp. And I’ll tell you one thing: he’s the best French player I’ve seen, » concluded the Argentinian.