A new broadcaster is proposed for Ligue 1!

In full development, the equipment channel is ready to be broadcast during the French Ligue 1 champions’ competitions.

Where will we look League 1 in the years to come ? The LFP is looking for new broadcasters for the period 2024-2029, and it is a difficult time for President Vincent Labrune. The first stage of the appeal ends in failureSince no proposal has been made, and it is now the time for direct discussions between the LFP and the various contenders.

Historical broadcaster of the French championship, Canal+ is angry with the League, and no longer wants to broadcast L1. Among the credible avenues, we now find DAZN, beIN Sports and even Amazon. It is another actor who has the right to be interested in this premium competition: the team channel.

The Ligue 1 match is one of the best exhibitions

The sports chain on the clear is a special item for collecting sports items from below so that the light is exposed to a beautiful exposure. For Ligue 1, the equipment chain would not have the means to afford one of the lots offered by the LFP. But Jérôme Saporito, the director of the channel, imagines that he will be part of the future broadcaster of Ligue 1, to offer certain champion matches in as many years as possible.

“Four times a year, as an event, this could be used to put the spotlight back on a Championship followed by, a priori, 1 to 1.5 million viewers. Not necessarily to broadcast PSG-OM but a Lens-Marseille, an opening match, and the 17th day, imagine Jérôme Saporito. This would serve everyone’s interests: the League, the paid platform or channel and obviously ours. But above all it would get people talking about Ligue 1 massively because, today, it is not seen by 5 million people. »