🤨 Wasn’t it red? Real relegation battle in Bochum against Werder

When Bundesliga teams fight against relegation, they don’t always act with a fine knife. But also with a knife between his teeth. The duel between Bochum and Bremen is a perfect example.

After just three minutes, Cristian Gamboa received his first yellow card after a rusty entry. Apparently, it set the tone for the rest of the season.

In the 23rd minute, Kevin Stöger lost the ball in front of the Werder penalty area and immediately knocked down ball stealer Rafael Borré. This did not please the Bremen team at all and a peloton formed.

The VAR also felt compelled to act and checked the scene. However, Stöger was still warned. Anthony Jung, who was constantly angry with Stöger because of his actions, also saw the hard work card.

But now we also talk about (Site notre bureau spécialisé). Former Bremen player Patrick Osterhage gave VfL the lead with a remarkable long shot in the right corner (64th).

What do you think: Should Stöger have received a red card for this foul?