😳 What was going on there? Former national player kidnapped in Brazil

Marcelinho Carioca, a former Brazilian international, was the victim of a crime in his native country. The three-time national player was kidnapped on Sunday. The green light has now been given and Marcelinho Carioca has been free again since Monday, reports the newspaper ‘O Globo’.

And how. His face covered with a towel and accompanied by a woman, he was discovered by a patrol car in São Paulo, according to ‘G1’. In the afternoon, he arrived at the São Paulo police station.

In a video circulating on social media, Marcelinho describes how the kidnapping happened and what was the reason. Marcelinho reports that he dated a married woman and that her husband then kidnapped him and his wife.

The woman confirmed the former national player’s statements, on which the police have not yet wanted to comment.