📸 Should there have been red? Arsenal fans angry after Saka foul

Arsenal FC currently host AFC Bournemouth at the Emirates Stadium. The Gunners need every point in the Premier League title fight and are therefore bound to win.

However, Ryan Christie, six from Bournemouth, appears to have taken the word ‘fight’ a little too seriously. The Scot rushed into the duel with Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka with an open sole and hit the youngster with a kick to the shin.

Saka then had to seek treatment but was fortunately able to continue playing. However, the scene in question is generating some excitement online. Supporters in north London, in particular, are wondering how Christie’s action could have taken place without sanction. The 29-year-old didn’t even see a yellow card for his entry.

What do you think: Should Ryan Christie have been sent off for that kick on Saka? Let us know in the comments!