💻Who will be champion of Buli? A supercomputer predicts the final table

The season is still long, but the question is already being asked: will Bayer Leverkusen be able to hold off Bayern until May or will the Munich team be champions again anyway?

To answer this question, the data portal “Opta” turned on the supercomputer again and has already predicted what the final table of the Bundesliga 2024 will look like. The probability of Leverkusen becoming champion is “only” 29.4 percent . A Bavarian championship is more certain (69.1 percent).

To see all values, click on the tweet.

But it’s not just the question of the championship that gives astonishing figures, there could also be surprises when it comes to the Champions League places. Stuttgart’s probability of making the top four is just over 50 percent. Leipzig’s chances are much better (over 90 percent), even though they are only in fourth place.

Dortmund, on the other hand, is VfB’s biggest competitor and also has a 50 percent chance of winning the premier class, but is just as likely to participate in the Europa League.

And who is relegated? If the supercomputer succeeds, the people of Darmstadt will be able to plan the 2nd Bundesliga. You have a nearly 80 percent chance of ending up in a direct relegation zone. Cologne falls by 41 percent, Mainz by 33 percent.

Union Berlin has much more trust in the statistics provider. A probability of at least 80 percent should argue in favor of placement in the relegation zone or better. Bochum would be completely saved at 83 percent and is therefore even better off than Werder (80 percent saved), which is one place above VfL in the actual table.

What do you think: is the final table realistic or completely absurd?