💰 After Kühne’s financial injection: what is HSV doing with the 30 million?

Just a few days ago it became known that investor and noble fan Klaus-Michael Kühne had granted HSV a loan of 30 million euros.

The deal differs in one respect from Kuehne’s previous investments. According to information from ‘MOPO’, the logistics billionaire has not set any conditions and, unlike in previous years, does not want to influence the sporting decisions of the club. In other words: the Hanseatic League can freely dispose of the money.

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They want to invest this primarily in the areas of financial and risk management, stadium infrastructure and team quality, ‘MOPO’ reports. However, anyone expecting wild transfers from previous days from HSV will likely be disappointed, the club would like to gradually and carefully increase the value of the squad. The money provided should also help with future contract extensions or salary increases. Keyword Ludovit rice.