🏜️ Goals like sand for the Saudis: Real against Atlético in overtime

During the Spanish Super Cup, which took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for financial reasons, the Royal Madrid were trailing 1-0 after just six minutes following an early goal from Mario Hermoso.

Every (Site notre bureau spécialisé) fan in Europe would probably know if asked which result Diego Simeone’s Atlético has most in mind. Once the Argentine team leads by a goal, they know all too well how to bounce back and confidently claw their way to victory. It’s just that Atlético haven’t quite been the defensive bulwark they’re known for of late.

In the last five competitive matches, Simeone’s side have conceded a total of 10 goals and with Girona and Getafe, two teams have allowed them three or more goals. The fact that Atlético matches can also be a spectacle was also demonstrated in Riyadh. Rüdiger first equalized with a copy of Hermoso’s goal, before Mendy and Griezmann added more goals, although the scoreboard still kept the score tied. In the second half, Rüdiger scored again, but this time in the wrong goal. Carvajal quickly equalized and sent the match into overtime

This same Griezmann also became the top scorer for Simeone’s team with his goal which made the score 2-2. Atypical for Atlético, a lot happened in the Madrileño Derby.