ᑕ❶ᑐ “Vasco da Gama? » How foreigners became a pillar and participated in more than half of the goals in 2024

Three days after the tragedy ranking in the Brazilian Cup against Água SantaOh Vasco Turn the key in the season and face the New Iguaçuthis Sunday (10), at the Maracanã, from 6:30 p.m. (Brasilia time), for the semi-final you Carioca Championship.

To advance to the state knockout stage, Cruzmaltino will once again pin his hopes on those who have become pillars of the current campaign: the foreigners.

In addition to the technical committee, which Ramon Diaz and son son and assistant, Emilianoother “gringos” also make the difference for the Rio club in 2024. And translated on the ground.

According to a survey conducted by the ESPN.com.brVasco a brand 28 objectives in 2024, 20 had the direct participation of players born outside Brazil. This means that more than half of the black and white goals – or 71.4% – were made or created by foreigners. The codes are written in official matches, but also in the series of matches played in Uruguay, as part of the pre-season, unlike Saint Laurent e Deportivo Maldonado.

Only during matches against Nova Iguaçu, Flamengo e Fluminenseall this for Carioca, where Vasco did not score, nor did foreign player contribute any goal or assist to Cruzmaltino’s team.

In this case, for example, if Paul Végétti marked with the help of Dimitri Payet, or vice versa, a soul but is marked. In other words, both apparitions are on the same wavelength.

However, by expanding the figures and taking into account the individual participation of foreigners, the average is even higher: there are 25 direct participation of “gringos”.

Concrete proof of this importance was seen in Água Santa itself. Of the three goals, all had the participation of foreigners. Pablo Galdames opens the scoring, Vegetti widens with an assist from Paulo Henrique and, in stoppage time of the second half, Payet assisted Lucas Pitonwith the head, do 3 to 3.

The number 10 of Gigante da Colina is in fact on the game only a direct contribution at most to Vasco’s goals during the current campaign with 8th participations. Behind him comes Vegetti, with 7.

While Payet registers 3 objectives and 5 Assists, the Argentinian, who is the team’s top scorer this season, scored one 6 but this is also realized in a past decision.

In addition to the aliens mentioned above, others have also contributed directly to Vasco’s items this season: Puma Rodriguez, Luca Orellano e Manuel Capasso. The last two, in fact, are no longer part of the cast, because they were ready to FC Cincinnatiof the United States, and Olympic Gamesyou Paraguay.

Look at the “x-ray” of foreign participation in Vasco’s objectives in 2024:

  • Payet: 3 goals and 5 assists

  • Legumes: 6 goals and 1 assist

  • Galdames: 2 goals and 3 assists

  • Orellano: 1 goal and 2 decisive passes

  • Puma Rodriguez: 1 assist

  • Capasso: 1 gold

The only foreigners on the team who have yet to contribute goals or assists to the team this season are the Chileans. Gary MedelParaguay Robert Rojas and Argentina Juan Sforza. Both models will arrive in São January 2024.

Vasco’s next games:

  • New Iguaçu (C): 03/10, 6:30 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Carioca Championship

  • New Iguaçu (F): 03/16, defined – Carioca Championship