ᑕ❶ᑐ Cuca makes a statement on his conviction in Switzerland after his debut at Athletico-PR: « Today I understand that silence looks like cowardice »

After the 6-0 victory against LondonLast Sunday (10), in the semi-final of the Paranaense Championship, the instructor of Athletico PR, Cucamade a long statement on the conviction for rape he suffered in Switzerland in 1987 for having sexual relations with a minor during a tour in the Guild Towards the European country.

A sin Conviction annulled by Swiss courts due to statute of limitations on crime and impossibility of holding a new trialCuca said he « thought » about the subject and enlisted the help of his wife and daughters to write a text that expressed his current feelings.

The coach stressed that he is committed to “being part of the transformation” and promised to “shed light” and “use his voice” to educate himself and other young people on the topic of transformation. violence against women.

The commander admitted that his silence on the issue could be seen as « cowardice », but promised that from now on he would show « words » and « attitudes » to « give the opportunity » and “not to make mistakes like we did.” errors”.

It should be noted that the Swiss court’s latest decision in this case does not exonerate Cuca. She was content to annul the sentence and close the case, without addressing the merits of guilt or innocence.

Read Cuca’s full statement

I admit I’m nervous. This is a topic that is both standard and very important.

I wrote it so as not to risk making a mistake, because I am not good with words, I am too “boleirão”. I wanted to talk about the last few months that I am experiencing. I am ready to say that I left Corinthia and you can imagine that you are visible and at the same time you are thinking. Before speaking, I needed to listen to my wife, my daughters. I wrote this text with their help. Because I still don’t feel informed enough to speak about something this strong. For them and for all the world, I wrote and I don’t want to make mistakes.

I listened to opinions and tried to understand my role. To mark the anniversary, here is a column from UOL’s Milly Lacombe in the spring saying it wasn’t about me. I understood what she meant. It’s not JUST about me, but it’s about me too. I have chosen to respond to my mother for a long time, but I can also move forward with my life, although a woman who does not care about this type of violence can continue to see her without rest carries the impact forever. I managed to move forward in my life. The world of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and the world of men are not always sought after, but the world of change and the money it pays are for the poor.

There is no point in being a great coach, husband, father, grandfather, brother, if I don’t understand that the world is more than (Site notre bureau spécialisé) and that I am part of those things. There are problems, but you can always rest in silence, because society is permissive and man is kept in silence. Today I understand that silence looks like cowardice. I tried to listen more, understand more, learn more.

I can’t change the past. Many men now listen to me and are able to look to the past to review their attitudes. We know that the world is different for men and women, and when we see this, we may even resist, but things are starting to change. But honest and true changes take time, necessarily zeal, study, and are painful and challenging.

Reality is transforming into a world that is also for women. The world of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) is still a world of great prejudices. I realized that when people accuse me, it’s not just about me, but also about the way we treat women. I am not saying this as an isolated speech to please someone, nor as lip service. If you see the case you can hear it and everything. I say this from the heart.

I want and commit to being part of the transformation. I will do it with the power of education. I want to help. I want to shed light, to use the voice I have to, along with educating myself, educate other men, especially boys who love (Site notre bureau spécialisé). A successful outcome is a challenge. Many get lost along the way with fame and money. We are made to believe that we can do anything, including disrespecting women. We need to instill in young people the possibility of not making mistakes like many of us do. This is what the person raises awareness about, thinks fairly about, gives direction to. Success, money and reputation are only served when you are on the path.

I thought I was free of my anxiety when I resolved my problem with the mistrial and compensation. But I understood that it was not over because it did not only depend on the court’s decision, but I had to understand what society expected of me. What you will see from me from now on will not be words, it will be actions. But thank you for listening to me today.