ᑕ❶ᑐ “Crisis”, mediations blessings and returns: the changes in São Paulo and Palmeiras since the Super Cup

Combinations of choices can happen over a period of one month? To what extent can we change? In Brazilian (Site notre bureau spécialisé), the answer to these questions is in front of you: a lot. Sao Paulo e Palm trees proves this.

On the eve of the completion of a month of the decision of the Super Cup of the Kingthe two rivals face each other again, this time for the Paulista Championshipon Sunday (3), at 8 p.m. (Brasília time), in Morumbis.

After the decision of Mineirão who was crowned Tricolor champion, the two teams experienced intense weeks, with almost reversed perspectives for the two teams. And the ESPN.com.br separate five things that moved the rivals between the two Choques-Rei.

Tricolor injuries

Coach Thiago Carpini, who relies more on Rodrigo Nestor, is also among his other important players in recent days where he reached the Super Cup final.

One of the positions that suffers the most is right-back. Rafinha and Moreira are absences felt by the coach. More recently, Luiz Gustavo has become a “reinforcement” in DM and will lose the rest of Paulistão.

The return of those who have never been there

The Super Coupé is an important chapter of a major feature article published in São Paulo James Rodriguez. By refusing to travel to Belo Horizonte, Colombia caused unease within the club. A few days later, both sides decided to end the player contrast.

However, over the past week, James reversed his decision and was reinstated to the team. Against the Inter LimeiraThe now number 55 is back on the field and has already scored the first goal.

Carpini under pressure

The “honeymoon” that Thiago Carpini with the fans after the end of the taboo against Corinthians in Itaquera and the Super Cup title is also shaken due to a sequence of negative results in Paulistão.

With two failures and two nothings, the young person who lives in his life has critics, a part of the public who complains about the club. With the victory in the summer environment, Carpini tackles a “truce”.

Flaco Lopez scores goals

With two goals scored in the games leading up to the Super Cup, Flaco López took charge of Palmeiras’ attack once and for all after a frustrating decision for the team.

With now seven goals, the Argentinian is Abel Ferreira’s top scorer this year and has become the team’s most decisive player just present in 2024.

Endrick returns selection

James was not his son to return to play for his team after the Minas Gerais decision. You black and white, Endrick is an important “reinforcement”.

After spending the first weeks of the season with the Brazilian team during the pre-Olympics, the number 9 returned to defend Palmeiras for the last part of his contrast before going to real Madrid – and one has already scored his first goal.


São Paulo and Palmeiras have different names Dorival Júnior’s first call-up to the Brazilian National team: on the tricolor side, Rafael and Pablo Maia were recalled, while the alviverdes Endrick and Murilo were also recalled by Dorival.

São Paulo’s next matches:

  • Palm trees (C): 03/03, 8 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Paulistao

  • Ituano (F): 03/10, 4 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Paulistao

Palmeiras’ next matches:

  • Sao Paulo (F): 03/03, 8 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Paulista Championship

  • Botafogo SP (C): 03/10, 4 p.m. (Brasilia time) – Paulista Championship