ᑕ❶ᑐ Big Five and the incredible saga of the team that would save themselves three times: what the Brasileirão looked like with 3 relegations

A meeting this Tuesday (14) between First Division clubs will discuss reducing the number of relegated Brazil Championship four to three clubs.

Counting on sympathy from most clubs, the idea is that the tournament will move from four relegated players to three. Now the proposal needs CBF approval.

Thinking about possible change, the ESPN.com.bLAW separate commentary the ranking would be since 2004, when four clubs began to be relegated. Who would benefit and not fall?

According to the survey, the coritiba would be the team that would have more interrupted relegation. O coxa would not fall in 2005 (19th out of 22 teams), 2009 (17th out of 20 teams) and 2017 (17th out of 20 teams).

Among the so-called « Big 12 », Corinthians17th of 2007, International17th of 2016, cruise17th of 2019, Vasco17º youth 2020, e guild17th in 2021, would also be deprived of relegation.

See below who would be saved each year:

  • 2004 – Criciuma (21st out of 24 teams)

  • 2005 – Coritiba (19th out of 22 teams)

  • 2006 – black bridge (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2007 – Corinthians (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2008 – figueriense (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2009 – Coritiba (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2010 – Victory (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2011 – Athletico PR (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2012 – Sport (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2013 – Portuguese (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2014 – Victory (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2015 – Hawaii (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2016 – International (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2017 – Coritiba (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2018 – Sports (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2019 – Cruzeiro (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2020 – Vasco (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2021 – Gremio (17th out of 20 teams)

  • 2022 – Ceara (17th out of 20 teams)

What does the proposal say?

According to the publication of OhThe project may encounter resistance among the clubs of the B-seriesbecause of the low chances of access to the first division.

The idea would still be to have a ripple effect, with the same drop in the number of relegations in the other divisions. The promoters of the project speak of greater stability as a lure.

One idea that was discarded was the creation of a playoff series defining one relegated and one of the teams to move up, as happens in some leagues in Europe.

The teams leading the creation of a league independent of the Brasileirão agree with the reduction. Libra and La Liga Forte Futebol both have this change in their proposals.

It is appropriate to propose that the meeting of the council of the club of Serie B will take place on Wednesday (15), the series C and Dayant of the meetings in the following days.