ᑕ❶ᑐ Beckenbauer is one of the greatest references in the history of world football

“Emperor” (emperor, in German) is the result of the most appropriate for the designer Franz Beckenbauer, who He died this Sunday at the age of 78. After all, she is now sovereign in the defense forces.

In one of the most traditional countries in the history of (Site notre bureau spécialisé), with four world titles and different generational histories, the managed to be the most iconic name, even without being a midfielder or striker. The same was true with the Bayern Munich.

With the talent of a young offensive player, Beckenbauer possesses a greater breaking point where defenders are not as strong as defenders, a quality that finely identifies with the name freedom. This is a watershed moment in changing gaming history.

« Beckenbauer is as essential to the development of the West Indies as Cruyff had been to the Netherlands », which is an extract from the book « The Inverted Pyramid: The History of (Site notre blog d’information) Tactics », by Jonathan Wilson. “Beckenbauer is very insistent that his attacking style is the result of his performances in the pitch environment for the national team, where Willi Schulz has the sweeper – there is no feeling therefore no common discomfort at defenses when they advanced with the ball. »

This “correct” aspect of technique is not enough, the idea of ​​a revolution in (Site notre bureau spécialisé) is transparent and also runs through its trophies. Kaiser is a protagonist of a new era where Bayern Munich changes the reality of (Site notre bureau spécialisé) history. Before him, the Bavarians had only conquered one German Championship; with him there were four in the BundesligaThe beginning of the hegemony that lasts until today and the establishment among one of the ten biggest clubs in the world.

The team would also win its first title in the European Champions Cup (old format of the Champions League), including three times champion in 1974, 1975 and 1976. The titles also continue with the Germanymanufacturer European Cup 1972 and others world Cup 1974 as a player and the 1990 World Cup as a coach – only he, Zagallo and Didier Deschamps have been world champions in both roles.

In the world cups, three of which with one player and two as instructor, Beckenbauer was on the podium, he was champion and vice-champion with one athlete and one instructor, in his third year in 1970, a tournament in which he was immortalized. for the image of him acting in his own bras. Immobilized after a collarbone injury in the semi-final against Italy.

With a unique game and a CV full of cups, it’s not the same as Kaiser’s daily defense against winning the Ballon d’Or (1972 and 1976), and also the second come Other Replays (1974). and 1975) and one more in three (1966).

Even off the field, whether on or off it, Beckenbauer contributes to another moment of history for the sons’ national team. The director of the Organizing Committee for the 2006 World Cup, a time marked by the restructuring that was to pass through Germany and which would culminate in the 2014 title. At the time, Beckenbauer had been the subject of an investigation for suspicion of corruption, the case is available in class.

The emperor is in vain, but his empire endures in the defense of refined technique on the pitch, in the cup lifted by Bayern and in several of the four prints on the French team jersey.