ᑕ❶ᑐ Abel Ferreira addresses Portuguese teachers and quotes Jorge Jesus for « open ports » in Palmeiras: « No one wanted to come to Brazil »

From 2020 Not from Brazil, Abel Ferreira It’s in the idol’s gallery Palm trees pour out everything you have accomplished so far. Asked about the meeting with his compatriot Antonio Oliveira in the classic counter CorinthiansSunday (15th) is a memory of before.

In the world, Abel in the city Jose Mourinho, multi-European champion and one of the greatest in the history of (Site notre bureau spécialisé). Regarding his stay in Brazil, he recalled the success achieved by Jorge Jesus. According to the Palmeiras coach, the former coach of Flamengo “opened the doors” when no one wanted to come to Brazil.

“I’m talking to someone who knows me, it’s my team. I know it’s an important match, it’s a derby, it’s a match where the stakes are high, but we’re going to prepare what we always do. Look at the players we have, preparing our team, even if we have a month day to prepare than our opponent, he has 3 days and we have 2. It’s Palmeiras x Corinthians, it’s not the coach A, B or C, Portuguese coaches respect a lot.

“I am part of the world and I have access to a Portuguese who is an adventurer of Europe, Mourinho, and who opens the ports of other countries. It’s a different part of the Atlantic that people want to come to Brazil and a great group of people. , who was Jorge Jesus and who opened doors for me, for example,” Abel said in conclusion.

“If you have access to other backs, you may not be able to choose the coaches, but also the managers, the competence of the coaches and the players in the nationality. We have Portuguese, Argentinians, Brazilians, all with different qualities and characteristics, it’s good for the competition, but we don’t have time to study the coaches, we have time to ‘Study the teams, and from today we will dedicate ourselves to studying Corinthians, now with a new coach, and understanding how we are going to prepare the team for Sunday, from start to finish, to win the match,” he added.

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